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Gurmar : The Sugar Destroyer

Gurmar's ( Gymnema Sylvestre) extracts is beneficial to sub due sugar cravings and It occurs because gymnenma sylvestre contains Gurmarin, a polypeptide which is a heavy sugar transducer. It also lowered the body weight to normal levels in obtusely obese fat sample size of middle aged male/female. It has been a traditional remedy for various ailments, including diabetes, malaria, and snakebites. The tea is made from dried leaves of Gymnema plant. One of the top Gymnema sylvestre benefits is that it takes effect quickly. Biogetica has utilized this quality. Leaves are useful for constipation, stomach ailments, liver disease and water retention. The Polypeptide in Gurmarin has a hypoglycemic action, which means that it helps lower elevated blood sugar levels.

Gurmar plays a significant role in curing Diabetes, both type 1 and 2. Early research shows that taking Gurmar extract for 12 weeks can reduce body weight and body mass index in some people who are overweight. Additionally, Gymnema sylvestre helps improve the effects of experimentally induced colitis, it can help decrease the issues associated with natural colitis in the aging adult community.

There does seem to hold good evidence that Gymnema sylvestre lowers sugar cravings. Leaves, flowers and fruits are used to treat high/low blood pressure, arrhythmias and tachycardia. It controls blood sugar and also reduces the levels of high blood glucose. It is unique in term that it actually helps block the taste of sugar and its absorption by the body.

Some of the important health benefits of Gymnema plant include its use for treatment of type 2 diabetes, treatment of diabetes mellitus, regulation of blood sugar, stimulation of insulin secretion, its use as antimicrobial, antiviral, natural food for obesity, reduction of cholesterol, anti-inflammatory property, treating gastrointestinal problems, skin problems and other benefits. It also increases membrane permeability of cells that secrete insulin. The treatment is generally considered very safe.

It is also known as Australian cowplant, gymnema, Periploca of the woods. Gymnema Sylvestre. Gymnema contains antioxidant properties that generally stimulates Islets of Langerhans – cells in pancreas which secretes insulin and hence finds use in treatment of type I diabetes or insulin dependent diabetes.It helps to reduce generalized burning sensation in the whole body or localized ones such as burning sensation in eyes, stomach, etc. One of the best herbs to help get sugar cravings under control is gymnema sylvestre. The leaves of Gymnema contains properties which help reduce sugar cravings and is found effective in controlling hyperglycemia in Type 2 diabetics patients.

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