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Ayurveda, A wellness enhancer or much more than that?

Ayurveda, an ancient tradition of a holistic medical system that engulfs balance of physical and mental wellness. According to Ayurveda, every cell is a complete and pure expression of self stimulated intelligence making treatments of ayurveda focused precisely over promoting the self healing nature of our body. Our body’s cells can heal themselves when they become unhealthy and replicate to replace destroyed or damaged cells. If you break a bone, your body immediately begins producing new cells to heal the damage. When your skin is cut, platelets in your blood clot to stop the bleeding, white blood cells remove the dead, injured cells and new healthy cells repair the damaged tissue. Daily wear and tear are also promptly dealt with. In fact, our bodies are in a constant state of removing damage and producing new, healthy tissue.

Our immune system is also meant to deal with intruders such as viruses, bacteria, and toxins. Mucus traps foreign materials, acids in various organs kills organisms, and a type of white blood cell called phagocytes engulf and destroy invaders. Natural killer cells recognize when one of our own cells have been invaded by a virus and destroy the infected cell. Inflammation, while it seems like it should be a problem, is actually your body’s reaction to an injury or infection, allowing your immune system to focus on restoring the injured or infected area to health. A fever is your body raising its temperature to levels that will kill viruses and bacteria. The elevation in temperature also triggers certain cellular mechanisms which help your body fight the infection.

As the long overdue side effects of synthetic drugs are repeatedly talked about all over the internet by consumers, there has been an incline towards people trying out new and well researched holistic options for their wellness. Although ayurveda is still not a mainstream medium of wellness as it takes a fair amount of time to see substantial results but that only reflects on the fact that it is a very preventive lifestyle of increasing immunity to help with the self healing nature of one’s body. Ayurvedic drugs are still not fully explored, as the comprehensive knowledge of the basic ideologies of Ayurveda is poorly acceptable scientifically due to lack of evidence. In the modern time, when the Western medicinal system is reached almost at the top because of validated research and advanced techniques, there is an urgent need to validate basic principles as well as drugs used in the ayurvedic system of medicine with the help of advanced research methodology. Therefore, advancements in the ongoing research methodology are highly required for the promotion of Ayurveda.

To be honest the lapping difference between western medicine and ayurveda is a big misunderstanding. For a really long time, Ayurveda has never claimed to cure,prevent or diagnose any disease. Ayurveda has claimed only to support and help with symptoms of a disease or a health problem. When it comes to effectiveness, the ayurvedic extracts and treatments are subtle as they are natural and not tapered with, hence showing potential results is a process. When put in a frame of reference, western medicine system is known for immediate effect on the symptoms giving it an obvious preference. Ayurveda is still known for longevity in results, making it space for slow but effective results with no side effects unlike many pharmaceutical drugs.

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