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Research-Inclusive Supplements & Services

For Herbal Practitioners, Licensed Herbalists
yurveda Counselors  

Quality Assured

Quality assured Ayurvedic medicines packed after rigor testing of each capsule.

Labeled after being packed, not other way around.

Development of quality assurance database.

In-House 3rd Party Quality Assurance Quality Control.png

World's Healthcare Paradigm

With ever growing increase in wellness industry there is an abrupt incline of

partial-knowledge with lack of any practical understanding.

Alternative wellness system like Ayurveda which is an ancient medicine practice which focuses over complete bodily wellness by using medicinal properties of recognized medicinal herbs.


At Ojasveda, We bridge those gaps with practical application with our wide range of wellness supplements and Herbal Medicines.


Alternative Medicine Systems

All extensions of multiple alternative medicine systems lead to complete body wellness. We adhere to the fact that medical science and pharmaceuticals are present to obtain an immediate cure for certain diseases.


Where as Alternative medical systems are more designed to serve as an addition to your health that prevents certain diseases gradually over a given period of time.

Rare Remedy Division 

This Division of Ojasveda, Solely focuses over the raw herbs of Himalayan range which is then researched upon by testing for essential active compounds that carry nutritional/medicinal benefits for the body. 

We purchase majority of our testing standards from Merck & Sigma-Aldrich for maintaining Quality benchmark.



Procuring Raw Materials and Herbal Ingredients from graded/ tested traders with 3rd Party Testing reports and then matched by our own in-house testing report to verify potency and nutrient.

Nutritional Value is kept in focus as to understand the pattern of what makes an effective herbal medicine. 


Procured Herbs and Raw Materials are then formulated together to form an effective yet organic dose which caters to a better health development. 

Formula generated by our lab is then sent through multiple verification channels that consists of Experienced and Certified Herbalists. 


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Once the formula is confirmed and the product is created, Label is generated according to a batch size with a consistent lot without fail. Label follows FDA labelling laws for clarity.


The Batch number is then added to a database for routine audit which is conducted both by in-house and 3rd Party company.


Finally the labelled bottles are then packaged to be sent our clientele. 

The batch is then added to a slot which is synced with our in-house database that can be verified and cross-checked by our clients.

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